Welcome to the 'Clearer Voice' page, for Maggie McLaren, Amazon Best Selling Author.  


About me: 

I have been interested in the field of self help and psychology for over twenty five years and read extensively and taken courses in this area. My reading and regular meditation practice helped me overcome significant health and other challenges throughout life.  I truly believe that adversity can make us stronger. 

I'm a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and over the last nine years have helped hundreds of clients to recover from mild to moderate mental health conditions. I offer remote digital private therapy, you can contact me  at: 


I am also featured on this platform that custom matches you with a diverse range of practitioners, sessions are conducted remotely:   

Om Heals (om-heals.com)

In my earlier working life I was a civil servant, latterly working in dynamic communications roles supporting Government Ministers and policy areas in Whitehall Government, London.

Completion of a BA honours degree that was mostly literature based adds richness to my education.

Other interests include writing, travel, walking and singing. I have a soprano voice and I trained with three different voice coaches over twelve years.  

Today I'm passionate about developing self help guides. My work in Government has provided me with skills to produce clear and succinct material that is easily understandable and well researched. Of particular interest to me is the area of helping people to identify and use their 'own voice'.  

I have benefited greatly from joining Mirela Sula's Global Woman Club (See below picture). Their aim is to connect professional and business women around the world, celebrating and empowering women from different countries, backgrounds and stages of life and  profession or business with the common aim of having the drive and the passion to succeed in their chosen vocation. Joining their 2021 Book Project on the theme of tapping into your inner strengths alongside twenty other women to write my story has kick started my journey as an author.  

I also started a book club in this community online in early 2020 during the pandemic which has an international membership. You can learn more about this and read along with us on this Facebook page: International Pageturners

I believe this is my time to shine as a global woman and individual. I continue to write and have clear goals in place for developing projects as a CBT, author and speaker. My background in producing communications material for top UK Government Ministers helps me produce easily understandable mental health guides and my natural creativity also lends itself to a powerful creative writing flow.