LEARN TO FIND YOUR OWN VOICE.: GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER AND BUILD SELF ESTEEM, A FIVE STEP PROCESS. eBook : McLaren, Margaret, Villiger Toufexis, Elisabeth: Amazon.co.uk: Books


Investing in this material is a significant step on the road to developing personal awareness, acceptance and responsibility for creating healthier self-esteem. This guide helps you to identify and accept your positives, use techniques to break unhelpful thinking and behaviours and learn to tolerate strong emotional responses.

When we work at all of this, we are able to stop being so hard on ourselves, develop more self-compassion and start to find our own voice! This can be freeing, even life changing!.

The fact that the authors are from very different parts of the world, offer diverse experience through their personal and professional journeys' and are passionate about the subject matter is a key strength of this guide. You will learn tried and tested techniques used by hundreds of clients who have experienced real shifts and transformation in their daily lives.